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About Psi Nu
The Psi Nu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., the 731st graduate chapter, was chartered on 7 April 1972, in Alexandria, Virginia with 29 charter members. These 29 men of like ideals and with a desire to serve mankind were lead by Brother Eugene W. Skinner Sr., who served as the chapter's first Basileus. Through Brother Skinner's leadership and foresight, this chapter has grown from that initial 29 to over 200 Omega Men. As a graduate chapter, Psi Nu has members who were initiated into Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. as early as 1938 and as recent as 2017. Since 1972, Psi Nu Chapter has brought many men from various walks of life into Omega's folds. Between 1974 and 2017 the chapter has crossed twenty-eight lines. Its first line, in Fall 1974, was "Two Dog One", which consisted of Brothers Robert Hicks and Nelson Greene Jr. Its last line, Fall 2017, was " 8 AnimaniaQs from the Abyss ", which consisted of Brothers Eric Smith, Edward Hull, Randall Mitchell, Shawn Brown, Darryl Mason Jr., Harold Lincoln, Reggie Ballard and, Jimmie Johnson III . The chapter's long legacy of its active members continues to be enduring friendships, loyalty, community involvement, commitment to service and pride in our achievements. However, it's the fraternity's cardinal principles of MANHOOD, SCHOLARSHIP, PERSEVERANCE, and UPLIFT that are the cornerstone of Psi Nu Chapter's foundation today.
Charter members:
Thomas I. Ahart - Gamma 1960 
Waddell Avery - Nu Psi 1949 - Omega Chapter
James Ashton - Alpha Omega 1962 
Isaiah E. Barnwell Jr. - Xi Psi 1955
Herman Boone - Tau Psi 1958 Omega Chapter
John T. Butler - Alpha Omega 1932- Omega Chapter
Ulysses Calhoun  - Zeta 1952  Omega Chapter
James R. Carter - Beta Epsilon 1953
James Evans - Kappa Epsilon 1952 - Omega Chapter
Robert I. Fields, - Phi Phi 1958 
Nelson E. Greene Sr. - Alpha Omega 1938 - Omega Chapter
Roland D. Holland - Tau Omicron 1952 
Robert U. Griffin - Nu Psi 1946
Louis R.W. Johnson - Unknown - Omega Chapter
Fred L. Lander III - Alpha Omega 1950 - Omega Chapter
Foster B. Miles Jr.- Zeta Iota 1959 - Omega Chapter
Samuel E. NeSmith - Iota Iota 1955
Edward L. Patterson - Alpha Omega
James A. Pendergrass - Alpha - 1948 - Omega Chapter
Earl L. Pulley Jr. - Phi Phi - 1950
Cecil M. Robinson - Alpha Omega - Omega Chapter
Eugene W. Skinner Sr. - Zeta - 1952 - Omega Chapter
Charles V. Smith - Zeta - 1950
Robert A. Tate - no info
Joseph Turner - Alpha Omega - 1951
Jay C. Wade - no info
Clyde N. Washington - Zeta Iota -1967
Joe O. Wiggs - Kappa Psi - 1966
Luther C. Williams - Lambda Gamma 1954

1972 Psi Nu Chapter roster:
Thomas I. Ahart, Waddell Avery, James Ashton, Isaiah E. Barnwell Jr., Herman Boone, John T. Butler, Ulysses Calhoun, James R. Carter, John C. Davis, Robert U. Griffin, Robert I. Fields, Lewis E. Forrest, Nelson E. Greene Sr., Roland D. Holland, Louis R.W. Johnson, Fred Lander III, Foster Miles, Samuel E. NeSmith, Edward L. Patterson, James Pendergrass, Earl Pulley Jr., Cecil Robinson, Eugene W. Skinner Sr., Robert Tate, Joseph Turner, Jay C. Wade, Clyde Washington, Joe O. Wiggs, Anthony L. Bennett, Henry J. Walker, Charles V. Smith, Luther Williams, Ferris L. Holland, James Evans, (transfers from other chapters) E.L. Patterson, McKinley Tanner, James F. Jenkins.

The first organizational meeting of Psi Nu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. was held at Brother Eugene Skinner Sr's home, 2105 Shiver Drive, Alexandria, VA. on April 30, 1972. Third District Representative, Brother Melvin Washington presented the Charter to the group.